Longbarrow Press: Scale
Bloc Projects, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB

Bloc Projects invited Longbarrow Press to devise a four-day programme of new collaborations between artists and poets, culminating in a curated performance on Friday 26 October. This featured readings by each of the participating poets, projected artworks, audio installations and live performances. Friday evening’s programme comprised the following collaborative works:

Paul Evans, Chris Jones
Karl Hurst, Chris Jones
The Seven Wonders 
Angelina Ayers, James Caruth, Paul Evans, Fay Musselwhite
Hondartza Fraga, Rob Hindle
Cave Time & Sea Changes
Matthew Clegg, Karl Hurst
Performance devised by
Becky Bowley, Mark Goodwin

The artist’s talk by Paul Evans (on Thursday 25 October) focused on three key strands of recent work that have evolved through creative collaboration with Longbarrow poets. These paintings and poems might serve as landmarks in a terrain that expands from the internal landscape of the cell – the smallest unit of life – to the overwhelming post-glacial landforms of the Derbyshire Peak District.


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Angelina Ayers
Becky Bowley
Paul Evans
Hondartza Fraga
Mark Goodwin
Rob Hindle
Karl Hurst
Chris Jones